Argentine actress and director born in La Plata, Buenos Aires province, currently based in Spain. At the age 12, her school teachers summoned her parents to show them a play wich was written, directed and starred by herself. Since the day that she got into Theater Conservatory, she knew that this would be her profession.


After completing her High School and Associate Degree studies she moved to the City of Buenos Aires to continue training in the Interpretation, Singing and Dancing disciplines at Fundación Julio Bocca, where she won a Merit Scholarship to improve her acting skills with the recognized argentine actor, director and teacher Julio Chávez.


While she was working as an actress from theater, TV and cinema for Argentina and others countries, she finished the Bachelor and Professor of Social Communication and Journalism at National University of La Plata (UNLP), where she deepened into the audiovisual field as a communication tool.


Her curiosity and interest in the behavior of the human being, led her to investigate in the stage direction work and then in the audiovisual language, where she found the space to express herself both, from the script and the creative production, to the interpretation and direction work.


Recognized for her great performance as an actress and as a drama coach, she also taught acting classes and workshops for TV and Theater in Buenos Aires and then in Barcelona, where she is currently based and where she continues to develop her artistic and prefessional career.


Among her most outstanding works are: the film VARADOS (2017), where she worked as an Actress, director and Co-Writer. MIQVA LA SERIE WEB (2016), where she worked as a Director and Co-writer, participating in differents Festivals like in Argentine, Spain, Italy, France, U.K and EE.UU where she was nominated as a BEST DIRECTOR. The feature film CHOLO (2015) which awarded her the BEST ACTRESS award in an argentine Film Festival, and the movie 36 PASOS (2006) directed by the renowned Adrián García Bogliano, where she played the main character.   


After premiering three Microtheatre plays in Barcelona: EL SILENCIO DE MÓNICA (2019) by the renowned author of “El Loco y La Camisa” Nelson Valente, VERSE (2018) with which she won the FIRST PRIZE of the Horeca Zaragoza´s Competition and LA PECERA ( 2018) by Mariela Anastasio, and after the end of the live-zoom theater season of ¿CUANDO ME LO IBAS A CONTAR? (2020) by Lautaro Perotti, produced by Timbre 4, she's currently shooting the film EL FARO (2022) by Mr. Miyagi Films and directed by Ángeles Hernández, to be released in cinemas in Spain.